Battle Against cocoon

Zael running to attack the Cocoon

Reptid's CaveEdit

The game starts out with Dagran and Syrenne by themselves, in Reptid's Cave. They follow the only path until they discover a large cavern, but they are ambushed by Reptids. While they are fighting, the game switches to Zael and Yurick, who follow another path until they enter the same cavern. After fighting off all the Reptids, a Reptid Gladiator breaks through the wall along with more Reptids. The mercenaries fight off these Reptids and defeat the Reptid Gladiator, then proceed through the hole in the wall.

A flash-back shows Dagran announcing to the group back at Ariela's Tavern that they have a new mission - the one they are on now - and that they were hired by Count Arganan himself to exterminate some enemies at Reptid's Cave.

Back in the cave, they come upon some more enemies. Zael goes around the right side, ambushing the Reptids, and the battle is quickly over. In the middle of the platform in this room, Zael finds a triangular rock in the ground. Upon lifting it up, turning it and dropping it again, some rocks fall down from the ceiling, creating a new path.

The group follows this path, and after kicking down a wall find some ruins, littered with skeletons. Zael and Syrenne stay to get some rest, while Dagran and Yurick scout ahead. Shortly after, the skeletons on the floor come back to life, and while fighting against them with Syrenne, Zael searches for a way out.

Syrenne gets shot with an arrow while searching, and Zael receives the power of the Gathering, with a mysterious voice telling him to use it to rescue people. He revives Syrenne using its power, and when Dagran and Yurick return they defeat the rest of the skeletons. A door opens, and they enter through it.

They follow the path until they find a bridge, where they are ambushed by more skeletons. After defeating them all, including the skeletons firing at them from afar, they proceed through a door, up some stairs and through another door into some ruins.

Here they find a massive enemy, called Cocoon. The mercenaries have trouble defeating it, but eventually Yurick manages to hit its head with his magic. Some more skeletons appear after this, but Cocoon is still the major threat. Zael uses the Gathering to lure it out onto the bridge. When the two are on the middle of the bridge, it starts to crack under Cocoon's weight. Zael runs for the other side, and makes it just before the bridge collapses, taking Cocoon with it.