Cliffside PathEdit

Cliffside Path

Just after leaving the castle, Dagran and Zael arrive at the cliff. Zael sees Zangurak and Calista, but to get there they have to beat many Gurak, starting with a Gurak Beast.

After defeating a lot of enemies, Zael finally reaches Zangurak and attacks him, trying to get Calista back, while Dagran fights some Gurak reinforcements. However, Zael isn't even able to touch Zangurak, so he is easily beaten. When Zangurak is just about to kill Zael, Calista screams and a shield protects Zael. Zael is then able to fight Zangurak. During the battle, one of the Gurak informs Zangurak that the people in the castle are about to fire the Lazulis Cannon. Zangurak leaves with his minions just before the cannon is fired. However, before Zael, Dagran and Calista can leave, the cannon fire creates a wall of fire cutting them off from the path back to the Castle. They are trapped by the fire, so they're forced to jump to the sea and board a Gurak ship to save their lives.

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