Gurak WarshipEdit

Chapter 11

Zael, Calista, and Dagran aboard the ship

Zael, Dagran and Calista board Gurak the ship, but it is getting farther from Lazulis Island. They decide to take control of the ship, but Dagran got injured in his eye during the previous events, so he gives the comand to Zael.

Zael climbs the ships hull, and takes out a guard who was hitting a prisoner from Lazulis Island. He opens a door to let Calista and Dagran enter. Calista heals the prisoner and he tells them that there are others. Among them are Yurick and Mirania.

As they search the ship they take out various guards. As they descend a ladder Calista and Zael fall to the ship's hold and get separated from Dagran. They continue until they find Yurick and Mirania in cells and rescue them, without revealing that Lisa is really Lady Calista. Then they are ambushed by Battle Spiders, but Dagran returns to help them fight.

They continue fighting guards and find some prisoners on their way. When they finish up the crew, they decide to find the Captain, so they make their way to the upper deck, where they find an ogre. Defeating it, they proceed to the Captain's room. When they find it, he looks confident like he is waiting for something. Suddenly a Muruk enters the room, breaking the ship's hull and knocks away the Captain. Zael and company have to fight it.

When they defeat it they take control of the ship, along with all the prisoners from Lazulis Island.

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