The Vono IslandsEdit

Chapter 13

Note: In this chapter you have the option to select what chapter comes next (14 or 15). You can do them in any order, it doesn't affect the story, they just tell you more about Yurick's and Mirania's backstories. After returning from the first one, just talk to the other character and select the option to go ashore.

This chapter starts with the ship arriving at Vono Islands. Zael talks to Dagran on the ship's deck. He asks Zael to talk to Yurick and Mirania, because they asked him to go to the Island but he denied them permission because it was too dangerous. He leaves the choice in Zael's hands.

When Zael talks to Yurick he tells him that there's a Shipwreck on the coast, and he wants to explore it. Zael decides to go with him.

When Zaels talks to Mirania she shows him some rare medicinal herbs. She explains her reasons for being on the journey with them, and says that she wants to explore the island to get some clues about why the land is dying. Zael decides to go ashore with her and the others.

As a second part to this Chapter (after you did chapter 14 and 15) when Zael returns to the ship Dagran informs that the ship is almost ready, and that they will sail soon. While Zael is investigating the bottom deck, he finds a little room filled with books from Lazulis Castle. One book that he finds talks about the mark on his hand and the Outsider's power. A key falls from the book, just before Calista enters. While they talk she starts to reveal part of the backstory of her family and Zaels starts to wonder if his new power and Zangurak have some sort of relation.

After his talk with Calista, Zael heads to the captain's room. He gets into a secret room behind a cabinet in a corner with the key from the book. In the room is a map with the location of the Gurak's front line military base, Dagran and the others agree to take advantage of that information and sail to the Gurak base as soon as the repairs to the ship were complete.

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