Chapter 14
Zael and Yurick enter a wrecked ship on Vono Island's coast. While they are exploring they get ambushed by Giant Crabs. They defeat the crabs, but Yurick gets badly poisoned. Zael goes to look for the antidote, and luckily he finds it quickly. He goes back to Yurick and gives it to him. Yurick says that he will repay him somehow, but Zael answers that they're friends and that friends are to help each other.

As they continue exploring Zael feels like they're being watched, and they hear footsteps. They determine that there are two persons nearby. A door opens and Yurick is about to attack, when they see that it's Dagran. Mirania enters shortly afterwards. They were looking for Zael and Yurick, so now that they've found them they continue investigating. They split into two teams, Mirania goes with Dagran and Yurick continues with Zael. They squeeze through narrow passages and reunite again with Dagran and Mirania to fight more Crabs.

After the battle Yurick reveals that it was his father's ship and tells the others a story. He tells how the people in his village thought that his father fled away and left them to die. But Zael tells him to forget the rumours and focus on what he believes. Yurick determines himself to find the truth.

They find a huge table with delicious food but they don't even touch it because it might be poisoned. They find the captain's chamber not long later. Yurick rushes in. When Zael enters they find Yurick's father's corpse along with a dagger and his journal. Yurick is reading the journal, which says that his father and crew were shipwrecked. Some noises from a curtain interupt Yurick reading. When they open it they find a mirror. As Zael is looking at his reflection, he realises that the reflection isn't mirroring his movements exactly. Soon the reflection ceases to show his actions all together, and the group discovers that it's a Doppelganger. Zael starts fighting his own reflection, waiting for it to stop mirroring him or making it follow him into a circle of fire magic cast by Yurick. During the fight the mirror breaks, and the Doppelganger jumps at Zael's head. After he shakes it off, three more appear and take the form of the other three mercenaries.

After the fight Yurick continues reading the journal and finds that his father and his crew had been chasing away a giant monster that was going to attack the village. They defeated the monster, but his wheel got awfully damaged and he couldn't even steer anymore. Yurick smiles. After finally discovering the truth about his father, he decides to honour his name and takes his dagger. After that day Yurick begins to open his heart, thanks to his father's words and his friends' kindness.

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