Mysterious ForestEdit

Zael agrees to investigate the forest on Vono Islands, so Dagran and Yurick accompany him and Mirania to search for the forest's secrets. It reminds Mirania of the forest she was raised in. As they explore Mirania start telling Zael her life-story.

As they continue exploring they find skeletons roaming through the place, but Zael manages to take them down one by one. Later, they find a Guardian's footprint. It was heading through a gate covered by ivy, which Yurick burns down so they can proceed through the gate. Mirania rushes off to find the Guardian. Zael and the others loose sight of her and are ambushed by mystic plants and Reptid sorcerers. When they finish off the enemies they hear Mirania scream. When they run to save Mirania, they find her cornered by a Mystic Spider.

After beating the spider they reach a narrow passage between rocks, but it looks like a dead end. Yurick finds an opening and Zael clears the path to the Guardian's resting place. Then Mirania realises that the Mysterious Forest is also dying. But instead of being sad, she is happy, because the discovery has renewed her determination to discover the cause of the land dying.

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