Asthar's WarshipEdit

Chapter 17

After leaving the Gurak Military Base, the mercenaries board the ship commanded by General Asthar. As this chapter begins Zael enters a room where Dagran, Mirania and Yurick are looking for Calista. Mirania tells him that the General was looking for her, but calling her Lady Calista, so Dagran and Zael have to explain the truth about Lisa.

While searching he talks to the General and Sir Therius, who both refer to the Outsider's Power which Zael possesses.

He descends to the lower deck, where he sees Calista. He follows her and sees her crying. When he finally talks to her, she is sad because she has to return to the Castle, to the life she detests. Zael decides he wants her to travel with them, so he talks to Dagran, Mirania and Yurick, but they don't agree with him. They continue arguing until Calista interrupts and tells Zael to stop, that she "doesn't want to be a burden".

Later Zael talks to General Asthar, who informs that they're about to reach Lazulis Island and starts thanking the crew for sailing with them.

When they enter the Castle they're recieved by Count Arganan and Jirall. Calista walks towards them, but when she is between them Jirall acuses the mercenaries of helping the Gurak and abducting Calista. The Count sends them to the Dungeon.

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