Lazulis Castle: DungeonEdit

Chapter 18
When they arrive at the Dungeon they find out that Lowell and Syrenne were also imprisoned. They explain everything that has happened up to this point, and Zael starts to blame himself for what is happening. A guard comes to the cell to let the mercenaries know that Dagran has been called for an audience with the Count.

After a while Zael is called for interrogation in the Interrogation Chamber. He is accused by Jirall. Sir Therius enters and defends Zael, but Jirall continues with his accusations. Zael responds by trying to tell them that Jirall ran away during the attack, but he is stopped by the inquisitor. Zael decides not to defend himself from Jirall's acusations, so he is punished assuming he's guilty. After the punishment Zael is returned to his cell, where Mirania heals him. When he recovers his conciousness he talks to the other prisoners, and meets Horace, the owner of Horace's Shop, who tells them that he was arrested for breaking into a house while trying to get something back. He tells them that he had been digging a tunnel which lead to some caves on the other side of a wall, but he hasn't used it yet because it's crawling with monsters. Zael decides to help him. Syrenne, Yurick and Mirania agree to accompany him while Lowell stays to guard.

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