Chapter 2

Zael and his friends on the way to Lazulis City

Lazulis RoadEdit

As this chapter begins, Zael is thinking about the voice he heard and the new power he has, Syrenne is complaining about how tired she is and Yurick tells them that they're near their destination. Suddenly a woman's cry for help can be heard, so they head to where the people are running from.

When they arrive they see a creature (a white tiger called the Forest Beast in the battle) and two children trying to escape from it. They manage to lure the creature away while Yurick helps the children escape. After the children have escaped, the others start to attack the tiger. After a tough fight, the beast runs away and they return to talk with the people.

At first the people are grateful because they think they're knights, but when Dagran tells them that they were mercenaries, they got afraid and went away. In that instant Zael. gets a flashback from a previous mission in which they lost comrades but accomplished the mission. Even though the people that requested their help for the mercenaries got what they needed, they refused to let them in to aid a badly-wounded Lowell because they were mercenaries. They left the money outside and asked them to be on their way.

When the flashback ends, they decide to proceed in their way to the city and after a short walk they reach it.

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