The Flame and LizardEdit

Chapter 21
Note: This is an optional chapter, it isn't needed to complete the main story.

This Chapter becomes available after completing Chapter 19.

Zael finds a man in Ariela's Tavern mourning about what a bad father he is. Zael aproaches and the man tells him that a mysterious man in a robe kidnapped his daughter and he couldn't save her. He asks Zael for his help, so Zael agrees and starts looking for the mysterious man.

Zael finds the man in the Fountain Plaza near an alley. The man sees Zael and starts to run. Zael chases him through the alley, until the man enters a building. Zael enters and finds himself in The Flame and Lizard tavern. He finds the man in a corner. He walks over to him when he is at the counter and threatens him to give the girl back. The man's response is that he is out of his league. Suddenly Zael is attacked by other men in the tavern. Zael beats them easily, before Dagran enters the tavern along with Syrenne and Yurick. Everybody else in the tavern leaves the place. The mercenaries are alone, but then more fighters appear. They defeat them, so Zael proceeds upstairs to look for the girl while the others keep watch. He finds two guards searching for the others, so Zael throws them from the balcony and proceeds. Dagran and Syrenne catch up to him, so they all split up to search two different paths.

Zael, assassin style

Zael entering the room, Assassin's Creed Style

Zael and Syrenne enter a room full of guards. While fighting, some of the guards mention a ceremony. They dispatch the guards but find a locked door. Meanwhile, Dagran finds a key and returns to Zael and Syrenne. Dagran shows them a door with magic symbols on it. They can't open it, so Syrenne sugests to try the door they previously found. They find a window, so Zael passes though it and starts climbing along the outside of the building until he reaches the room they couldn't enter before. While climbing a girl cries for help and opens another window, but is suddenly is taken inside again. Zael enters the room by the window recently opened and is quickly overwelmed by the guards. The girl opens the door and Dagran and Syrenne enter the fight. The girl helps because she's able to cast healing circles.

Afther beating the guards they head downstairs. The Lesser Shade appears before them just before they get out. They defeat it with the girl's help. After the fight the mercenaries return to Ariela's Tavern where the girl's father rewards them for saving his daughter.

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