Chapter 23

Zael and Asthar entering the Tower

Tower Of TrialsEdit

After General Asthar accepts Zael as his pupil he takes him to the Tower of Trials, where Zael must prove his skills and values through the five floors to become a true Knight.

In the tower Zael passed each of the four first trials against the Chess enemies with ease, just to find out that his last trial was to defeat his new master, General Asthar. At the beginnig Zael has some doubt about fighting him, but he overcomes his doubts and manages to defeat the General. To commemorate that moment the General gives him a medal that the Emperor gave him.

As Zael is leaving the tower he meets Jirall, who "congratulates" him for passing the Tower of Trials and shakes hands with Zael. In that moment Jirall poisons Zael and releases an Ogre. Zael manages to defeat the Ogre before the poison overcomes him and returns to his room to rest.

The next day Therius goes to his room and tells him that the General is waiting for him. He asks if Zael is ready to meet the General. Zael agrees so they both go to meet him.

Note: When Therius asks Zael you can say that you're not ready so you can go to the town and finish Chapters 24 and 25, which are optional (you don't need them to complete the story). You can also do Side Quests in this time, if you so wish.

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