Chapter 3

Ariela's Tavern: DayEdit

In this chapter, Zael and the party enter a tavern which is owned by Ariela's father. Zael chats with the others as they just got here, and they talk about how the city is a bit fun. Syrenne talks about how sober and drunk she is and Lowell flirts with Ariela. Dagran is shining his ceremonial sword and Zael has a flashback of when he was alone until Dagran took him as his friend. They talk about how they aren't going to be mercenaries forever, and how they'll someday become knights. Yurick talks about how antisocial he is and goes to his room. After Zael is done chatting, he proceeds to the door to go outside until Dagran stops him to tell him to buy new equipment on his way. Zael then adventures on to the city.

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