Lazulis CityEdit

Chapter 4

Outside Ariela's Tavern

In this chapter, Zael wanders off into the city, exploring every bit of space, until he spots Syrenne and Lowell at the Arena. Syrenne talks to him about fighting in the arena, but Zael thought of something else because of how Syrenne puts it in a way to be misunderstood. Zael agrees anyway and proceeds to battle the upcoming fights with Syrenne and Lowell. After the battles are over, Syrenne compliments on how successful they were and gives the prize money to Zael.

Zael then wanders off to the market to see Dagran again because of a parade to see the knights. Zael once more agrees to his offer and proceeds to the parade. While they were watching, Zael thinks about how majestic they are and Dagran appears to have a devious look on his face. After the parade, Zael goes back to the tavern with Dagran.

Inside the tavern, Syrenne is drunk as usual until Ariela says that they have run out of supplies. Syrenne tells Zael to go fetch the supplies for her, so Zael goes off into the city once again.

Outside, as Zael passes Castle Gate Plaza on his way to get the liquor, he is stopped by the sound of a nearby sneeze. He sees a nearby wagon, and walks over to examine it. Zael discovers that a mysterious girl named Lisa is running away from somewhere. The knights suddenly appear and ask Zael if a girl has come by at any chance, and Zael says no, lying to them to keep Lisa safe.

Lisa comes out of her hiding place and they both introduce themselves to each other. Zael takes her to the market and she runs around eagerly because she has never been outside before. After a while, a ruckus in Fountain Plaza has started and Lisa decides to go and check. Zael runs after her.

Zael finds her in front of some guards as she lectures them about paying money instead of taking food away from the vendors. The guards provoke her and Zael comes to the rescue. Lisa and Zael then try to escape the guards by running away into narrow alleyways and hiding behind buildings. Lisa gets captured but Zael hurls the guards over her, takes her hand and runs away. After the guards give up in looking, the two go back to the tavern for another introduction.

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