Bandits' WarehouseEdit

Chapter 6

Zael infiltrates the Bandit's Warehouse

This chapter begins with Zael sneaking into the Bandits' Warehouse to take out the guards. Then he opens the door for Dagran, Mirania and Lowell to enter. The four start looking, but don't find anything. Lowell activates a switch and opens a secret passage. But before entering, Dagran and Zael find the insignia of a former mercenary named Zoran.

When they enter the pasage they find Zoran telling his plans to the other bandits. Dagran creates a plan to attack them. After they defeat the bandits Zoran activates a trap in the floor that makes them fall to a flooded basement. This also separates them, so Zael and Mirania set off to search for Lowell and Dagran, who are somewhere else together.

They start to head back up. On the way they all reunite again. On the way up they find a group of Reptids in cells. Zoran is planning to unleash them in the city, so he can take advantage of the chaos and steal everything he wants. After defeating many enemies on the way they find Zoran again, who unleashes a Terracor to stop them and then leaves.

They defeat the Terracor and climb up the stairs. They find Zoran alone, and he starts begging for his life. Mirania knocks him out by hitting him with a frying pan. Lowell finds the medicine, so they take it back to Ariela and Warren, who are waiting at the tavern.

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