Lazulis Castle: Great HallEdit

Chapter 8

Zael and friends enter the castle for the first time

This Chapter begins with the mercenaries summoned to the Castle to act as guards for the ball the Count is holding to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Dagran gives some instructions and everyone scatters up into the castle.

When Zael arrives at the Courtyard he finds Syrenne arguing with a knight (Sir Therius). When they are about to fight they are stopped by General Asthar. Later, the General reprehends Sir Therius for his actions. He then begins to talk about the knights of the castle, who only think of themselves and forgotten what it is to be a knight because of the peace on Lazulis Island. Then the General starts to talk about training a new knight in Lazulis.

Zael returns to the Great Hall to find Dagran talking to a knight. He tells him that he finished exploring the castle and that he is ready.

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