Lazulis Castle: BallroomEdit

Chapter 9
As this chapter begins Zael is in the Ballroom, and he's talking to Dagran, who gives a brief explanation of the story surrounding Count Arganan, Lady Calista and Lord Jirall.

Then, it's announced that Lady Calista is entering. Zael discovers that Lisa really is Lady Calista. After the entrance, Jirall takes her to her throne, but after a few moments she leaves the room and goes to a balcony on the back of it. Zael follows her because he wants to talk to her, but a guard stops him. Dagran manages to take the guard out of his post and let Zael go to the balcony.

When Zael arrives the balcony, Calista is about to cry, and they start to talk. Zael reveals that he is a mercenary and Calista says she is the Count's niece. She explains all about the arranged marriage, her uncle's plans and what has happened since her parent's died. Jirall interupts the chat, and challenges Zael to a fight. But then Zael hears screams and they see a Gurak ship. A group of Gurak land on the balcony and Jirall runs away scared, leaving Calista and Zael at the balcony fighting the Gurak.

When the fight ends Calista cures Zael wounds, and they head back to the Ballroom, where they fight along with Sir Therius and General Asthar. When they dispach the Gurak Therius and Asthar depart to protect the Count and Zael is ordered to protect Calista. They continue fighting the Gurak until they arrive to Calista's room, where Calista changes her clothes. They reach a bridge but a Gurak ship attacks a nearby tower that crumbles on the bridge. They manage to cross it just in time and enter the Great Hall, where they found more Gurak. When they're about to leave the castle a Gurak falls from the ceiling and introduces himself as Zangurak, the King of the Gurak. Zael attacks him, only to get blown away and knocked unconcious. Three knights arrive to protect Calista, but they're also blown away by Zangurak, and two more Gurak appear to inform him of the situation. Zangurak decides to leave and takes Calista with him.

Dagran wakes up Zael who searches for Calista and realizes that she has been kidnapped. He decides to save her. They find more Gurak in the Courtyard, they dispatch them, and get intel that says that the Gurak landed to the east, When they arrive at the East gate they find Syrenne and Lowell along with another squadron of Gurak. When they beat the Gurak Dagran tells them what happened and tells them to look for Mirania and Yurick as they head to the east.

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