The Gurak are the Antagonistic species of THE LAST STORY. Their king is Zangurak, the first of their kind to be able to create one united civilisation of the Gurak in many years. The Gurak are bipedal, and sapient like humans. Their technology is superior to that of humans, they are also on average physically stronger than the average human.


It is known in the game that the Guraks and the Humans once lived together and co existed together with the help of each other's species usefulness. But during that times, physical strength and technology that the Gurak possessed made the human species worrying about their future of being the ones who will be serving the Guraks even though the Human had the wealth. This spurred of events that the Gurak was banned to a continent far away from the Empire and was forced to live on their own with the fear that one day the humans might come back and will destroy the civilisation with the power of the Outsider

Zangurak, who is known as the king who united the Gurak race as one tried to annihilate the human race and have the Gurak be the dominant species of the world. He seeks the power of the Outsider and with that to deal a killing blow to the human race. He is later stopped by Zael and the others, with this ending the Gurak's invasion on the Lazulis Island.

After the event with the death of Gurak's king, Zangurak. Humans and Guraks once again try to co-exist in the island of Lazulis. In the Epilogue you can see several of Guraks throughout the city. 

The Gurak                                                                  Edit

The Gurak Army

These are what the Gurak army is : 

Gurak Comando

Gurak Commando

  • Archer
  • Sorcerer
  • Sniper
  • Healers
  • Obstructer
  • Marine
  • Guards
  • Commando
  • Beast
  • Gorgons

Working species

Gurak have some species that are working for them.

Noteable GuraksEdit

These are the most noteable Guraks in the game.