"Ahh! Help me! Oh, it's just a rock...."


Voice Actor: Michael Shitanda (JP)
James Daniel Wilson (EN)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation(s): Dagran's Mercenaries (briefly)
Family: Meredith (Wife)

Ariela (sister-in-law)

Kentis (father in-law)

Skills: Power Chain (Haunted Mansion), Fighter, Archer
Weapon: Dagger


Magic: N/A
Armor: {{{armor}}}

Horace (ロッタRotta; Lotta in the Japanese version) is an archaeologist who also runs a shop in Lazulis City. Unsurprisingly, the shop is called Horace's Shop. He is married to Meredith.

Appearance Edit

Horace has curly blond hair that reaches his shoulders and a short mustache. His eyes are blue, and he wears round spectacles. In his in-game render, he wears a fur hat and green-lined scarf. He wears a white shirt and green waistcoat, short brown trousers, a red belt, green and blue argyle socks, red shoes, and brown gloves. His age is unknown, but most likely between 38-40 years old.

Story Edit

Zael and the other mercenaries meet him again in the dungeons of Lazulis Castle. He was arrested for attempting to break into someone's house to retrieve something that was taken from him. Apparently, he joins your party for the duration of Chapter 19 after he shows you a secret tunnel leading out of the cell they were sharing.

In the optional Chapter 20, he tells Zael on the bridge that his wife has been kidnapped, and that is why he broke into the house, subsequently getting caught and arrested. He joins the mercenaries on their next mission to the Haunted Mansion.

After the events of Chapter 20, the next time Zael visits Horace's Shop he will say how happy he is, before proceeding to ask something else of him. This time, he has dropped a book down a well, and if Zael returns the book, then Horace will be able to remove curses from Zael's weapons. The events of the optional Chapter 24 will follow to the Reptid Catacombs (if you choose to undertake this quest.)

During the Epilogue, while talking to Horace outside his shop, a Lazulis Knight runs up and tells you the Reptids are planning an invasion. This leads to the optional Chapter 43, Contaminated Cave.

Personality Edit

Horace is shown to be a nervous man, afraid of diving headfirst into danger. As an archaelogist, he is extremely curious about ancient ruins, treasure, and mysterious magical artifacts. He is proficient at solving puzzles and unlocking doors: an example of this is his ability to open secret doors that, if Zael attempted to open, HP would be reduced. However, his knowledge does have gaps in it, and he sometimes considers pieces of information irrelevant when they are in fact invaluable.

Horace also shows deep affection for his wife Meredith, and his main reason for heading into the Haunted Mansion alone was to find her after she was abducted. He often kisses her and talks about his romance with her in front of other people, much to Meredith's embarrassment.


  • He was probably meant to be a permanate party member at one point during development, as unlike the other support characters, he can be commanded with Command Mode whenever he joins the party.