Lazulis Island

Official Artwork of Lazulis Island/City/Castle

Lazulis Castle is in the North part of Lazulis City on Lazulis Island. This is the residence of Count Arganan and Lady Calista. Dagran and his mercenaries are hired to watch out at the Ball celebrating Calista's engagement. It is accessed through the gates at Castle Gate Plaza. However, the guard won't let you pass until after the Gurak attack while you're at the Ball.


Like Lazulis City, there are a number of Locations in the Castle which can be jumped to from the map. However, these Locations can only be seen on the map while you are in the Castle, and you cannot see any of the other Locations while in the Castle either. Below is a list of the Locations in the Castle that can be jumped to (providing you are in the Castle)

The Last Story Music - Ruli Castle

The Last Story Music - Ruli Castle

music played when inside the castle