Lazulis Island concept art

Lazulis Island is the island where the majority of the events of The Last Story take place. It is governed by Count Arganan. It is situated on the entrance of a harbor, becoming the main entrance to the continent. This is why it became a strategic point in the war againts the Gurak. The island is the main line of defense which protects the rest of the Empire from the Gurak, using the power of the mighty Lazulis Cannon. In the middle of this island is Lazulis City, a mighty city. In the city is Lazulis Castle, which houses the Cannon. In the depths of this castle is one half of the Outsider

Lazulis Island artwork

Aerial view

It is due to the power of the Outsider that the island has the ability to move, sailing through the seas as a powerful moving fortress. The island is the only place in the Empire where the land is not dying.

The island is attacked many times by the Gurak, and in the final attack, the Gurak steal some of the technology that allows the island to move. They use this technology to make their own moving island, Fortress Island.


These are the Locations on or around (eg. Sea Cave) Lazulis Island that show up on the map. Note that the City and Castle Locations are not included in this list. Please add the other Locations to this list, as I don't know all of them off by heart.

Sailing FortressEdit

There's a legend among the house of Arganan which speaks of a fortress capable of sailing on the seas as any ship could do. The fortress was moved by the Outsider's Power, so it will only react to the wielder of the Outsider's Mark.

The legend is proved to be true when Zael activates the mechanism under the Island inside the Realm of Ascendancy with the Outsider's Power on the Count's order. Zael has the power to control the entire Island at his will because he possesses the Outsider's Mark and passed the trial in the Realm of Ascendancy.