Zael fighting the first Muruk.

Muruk is a type of Boss faced in The Last Story. It is a sub-species of the Gurak race. There are 4 different types of Muruk; Muruk, Frost Muruk, Dark Muruk and Giga Muruk.


The first Muruk is fought in Chapter 11, on the Gurak Warship. It is kept by the Captain, however when it is called by him he is knocked out by it. A boss battle ensues.

To defeat this Muruk, along with most of the other types of Muruk, you must wait until after a certain attack. Normally, all attacks against the Muruk will be Guarded because of its armour/shell, dealing little damage. When it does the spinning attack then shoots out the spines that Paralyse you, it will get dizzy. Mirania points out this fact. This is when you need to attack. Hide behind something to avoid the spines or diffuse the holy magic circles, then hit it twice while it's dizzy to knock it over. Then press A to jump onto its belly. Press A three times to stab it three times, dealing a heap of Critical damage. Repeat this to defeat it.

Frost MurukEdit

Frost Muruk is a Muruk fought in the Arena, during Season 2. It is fought in the same way as the first Muruk; however, because it regains health when in Ice magic, you will have to use Command Mode to stop Lowell from using his Ice magic to beat it. After defeating it you get the Airblade or Nameless.

Dark MurukEdit

Dark Muruk is fought during Chapter 35 at Port Lazulis. When the Gurak are attacking from Fortress Island, just after you help out Therius this Muruk will come. It is fought in the same way as the first two Muruks, but this time, because it is a Dark type, it gets the same attack as the Shade and Lesser Shade that steals your allies' consciousness. This makes it the hardest Muruk yet, but you don't have to worry about it healing.

Giga MurukEdit

Giga Muruk is the final Muruk that you fight in the game. When you reach the Epilogue Chapter, Season 3 at the Arena is unlocked. In the final room, the Captain shows up again. After he calls a Terracor, is squashed by it and you defeat it, he then calls the Giga Muruk. You'd think he'd learned his lesson, but this Muruk just knocks him aside as well. This is the biggest Muruk, and it can't be defeated in the same way as the first three. It will still use the spinning, spine-shooting attack, but when it is dizzy you are unable to knock him over. This means that you can't easily do major damage, and the only time to attack without it Guarding is the limited time when it is dizzy. Though if you diffuse an Ice magic circle while it's dizzy, it'll slip, allowing Zael to use the Ride action.