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A Reptid Healer that Zael confronts.

The Reptids are one of the main species of enemies. They are reptile-like creatures. They can be found in Reptid's Cave, but that isn't the only place. They dig tunnels, and one of these tunnels intersected with a well, leading to the events of Chapter 24.

Their web of underground tunnels covers the entire City and a great part of the Island; they even lead to the Castle.

In Multiplayer mode, you can choose to be a Reptid Scout or Reptid Commando in Deathmatch. Scout serves as a high movement speed supporter who can also act as a troll. Commando serves as a power attack unit and can use Slash, Vertical Slice and can also diffuse magic circles.


As many other factions they have healers, vipers, snipers, mages, scouts and along with other types of units.

The Reptid Berserkers possess a spit attack that inflicks Break.

They possess a unique class, the Reptid Gladiator, which is a giant Reptid equipped with huge weapons and brute force to destroy its enemies. It appears when the normal soldiers can't do the desired work.

A Stone Blade is a statue of a Reptid Gladiator that has been animated using black magic. It wields a petrifying sword.

Another unique class is the Sea Reptids, who recover while in water and are able to absorb ice-based magic and attacks; plus, they can spit a yellowish substance that inflicts Sticky on its victim.

Similar to Sea Reptids, there is another unique class caled the Gold Reptids. These units are immune and can absorb holy magic. They are only found in Chapter 42.