Flame and Lizard
NOTE: In the game map it is actually called "The Flame & Lizard", but it was named "and" here because it provides a less complex web address.

This is one of the two Taverns in the City, the other being Ariela's Tavern. It's located in a forgotten corner which is accesible through narrow alleys. It's crowded with low-life fighters and guards. Upstairs there are two rooms and various deposits. You come here during Chapter 21, when you are asked by a man in Ariela's Tavern to save a little girl, his daughter, who was kidnapped.

It is a Location which can be jumped to on the City map. Here you face the Lesser Shade.

After you have finished the Chapter, this Location will appear on your map and you will be able to jump to right outside the entrance. Then you can walk in and listen to the people, doing as you like. The girl Zael meets after asking the Fortune Teller about love will be found upstairs, outside one of the rooms.