The Undead are one of the main species of enemies. They are skeletons which are first encountered in Reptids' Cave, during Chapter 1. Sometimes the Undead will get back up after you have already defeated them, albeit not with full health. These must be defeated twice. Not all of the Undead seem to have this ability, however. There're different types of Undead as well:

  • Undead Swordman: (as well as other species) these focus on close-ranged combat. Excellent attack and defense.
  • Undead Archers: archers whose arrows inflict death status. Ranged attacks disrupt its movement.
  • Undead King: a big Undead with a sword on its hand, it's even capable of throwing other Undead toward enemies.
  • Undead Sorcerer: wields offensive magic.
  • Undead Healer: as with other healers, it focuses on healing his allies when they're damaged in combat.

All undead are of the Darkness element and are weak aganst Light.