Vono Islands

The Vono Islands are a group of small, unsettled islands in the middle of the sea, between the Gurak Military Base and Lazulis Island. It consists of two islands, one bigger than the other. The smaller one lies very close to the larger island at one end of it. Only one island is explored during the story.

It is first seen in Chapter 12, when Dagran orders Zael to look for any nearby islands in order to drop anchor and repair the damaged Gurak ship. They remain at the islands until Chapter 16, when the mercenaries on the ship infiltrate the military base of the Gurak.

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After sailing away from Lazulis Island, Dagran informs Zael that the ship is badly damaged and water is leaking inside. Zael scans the ocean for any land, and he spots the Vono Islands. There, the ship is repaired. While the ship is being fixed, Mirania and Yurick express desire to go to the islands, for different reasons: Mirania wishes to explore a forest on the island to try and gain insight as to why the land is dying, and Yurick wishes to board a shipwreck along the coast. Zael accompanies them both on their respective quests.

The shipwreck that Yurick goes to is in fact his father's ship, severely damaged in battle with a huge monster. It explains why his father never returned home to the village, which he died protecting. Yurick decides to allow his father's body to rest in peace on the ship.

Mirania explores the Mysterious Forest, where she believes clues to the reason of the dying land may be. It is here that she explains her upbringing in a similar forest by a Guardian spirit. The Guardian of the Vono Islands, however, has died, leaving the Vono Islands to decay as well. Despite not finding anything to aid in her research, Mirania is driven even more to continue her investigation.

After the ship's repairs are completed, the mercenaries and sailors set off towards the Gurak Base. The Vono Islands are not seen again in the main storyline.

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