This page is basically just a list of all the weapons from The Last Story.

Top 10 Highest AttackEdit

  1. Zan Lance
  2. Traive
  3. Stranger
  4. Lightning Axe
  5. Rune Blade
  6. Nameless Nothingness
  7. Magmarak
  8. Black Hole/Starburst
  9. Divine Poet
  10. Guardian Fang

Top 5 Highest Magic AttackEdit

Because that there are not enough Magical Weapons, I am only going to put 5. Also, the prize weapons as well as North/South Wing are counted as magical weapons but they do not have the magical attack. Joke weapons also pass as magical weapons since their mag attack is good as well, but we don't want to put it in this category.

  1. Witchcraft
  2. Sorcerer
  3. Wisdom Dagger
  4. Affection Dagger
  5. Enchanter

Note: The Arganan Dagger has the highest Physical Attack for a magical weapon in the game.

Melee WeaponsEdit

These bonuses appear originally, or upgraded up to at least 3+.

  1. Airblade: 30% chance to recover 25% of health
  2. Black Hole: Ice Element and Skill Bar recovery rate
  3. Blade: 1% chance to deal 2x damage
  4. Blood Sword: Absorb 30-50%+ of the damage dealth by a back attack 5%+ chance of looting items
  5. Blue Blade: Ice Element and skill bar recovery rate
  6. Caliburn: Light Element and 20% chance of critical
  7. Chaos Blade: 100% chance 0.5 health restores per second when SP gauge is full.
  8. Crescent Moon: 80% chance dealing 1.2x damage
  9. Death: Slash damage 1.5x and 5% chance inflicting Instant Death
  10. Defender: Damage reduced by guard 50%
  11. Demon: 20% chance recover a life when defeating enemies
  12. Divine Poet: 5% chance inflicting charm
  13. East Wing: 5% chance inflicting Petrify
  14. Emperor: Life is set to 1 and has a 30% chance to restore 30% of damage dealt
  15. Fallen Angel: Star Element and Vertical Slice damage 1.3x
  16. Fang: Ice Element
  17. Flame Lizard: Fire Elemental and 1.4x damage to reptids
  18. General Sword: No attributes sold for 18300G
  19. Gladiator: 20% chance for critical
  20. Grand Swell: Nature Element and breaks spider's front guard
  21. Guardian Blade: Nature Element and 20% chance for critical
  22. Guardian Fang: Nature Element and 30% chance for critical
  23. Gurak Blade: Deals 2x increased damage to Gurak
  24. Gurak Edge: Deals 1.6x increased damage to Gurak
  25. Healel: 80% chance recovering 10% of health
  26. Justice: 10% chance of recovering 50% HP during a chain
  27. Karma: Fire Element
  28. Killer Cutter: 5% chance to inflict instant death
  29. Knight Sword: Deals 1.4x+ damage to beast and spiders
  30. Lapis Lazuli: Star Elemental and gathering burst deals 5x damage
  31. Lightning Axe: 10% chance inflicting paralyze and 30% chance of performing a lightning strike attack.
  32. Magmarak: Deals 2x damage to Gurak and deals 2x damage on vertical slice
  33. Nameless: Ice Damage and 1% chance overcoming defense
  34. Nameless Nothingness: Ice Damage and 20% chance overcoming defense
  35. Nightmare: 15%+ SP accumulation
  36. Ogre Hammer: Overcomes ogres' defenses and 10% chance of performing a nature attack.
  37. Paladin: Light Element and 100% chance guarding will restore 10% of health lost
  38. Para Axe 10% chance of inflicting paralysis
  39. Phantom Sword: 80% chance to deal 1.5x damage to humans
  40. Rapier: Diffusing while using Vertical Slice causes 50% more damage
  41. Reptid Edge: Deals 1.6x increased damage to Reptids
  42. Rising Sun: When chaining, 30% chance on to overcome enemy's defense
  43. Rogue Edge: Deals 3x damage on Slash
  44. Rune Blade: 5% chance deal 2x damage
  45. Sanctuary: Light Element and 20% chance for critical
  46. Sixfold Fiend: Darkness Element and 2x damage to humans
  47. Speed Star: 15%+ movement speed
  48. Starburst: Fire Element and magic diffusion 4x damage
  49. Stranger: Star Element, 15%+ movement speed and slash damage 2x
  50. Sun Blade: Fire Element and Magic diffusion 4x damage
  51. Traive (Zael and Dagran only): 80% chance healing 20% health back
  52. Undead Edge: Deals 1.5x damage to undead enemies
  53. West Wing: 5% chance inflicting Sticky
  54. Wooden Grand: Nature Element and breaking spider's front guard
  55. Zan Lance: Regular arrows become burst arrows
  56. Zoran's Sword: Darkness Element

Magic WeaponsEdit

  1. Affection Dagger (Yurick only): SP accumulation 30%+ and casting speed 80%+
  2. Arganan Dagger: Light Element and 40% casting speed at max SP
  3. Dagger: 80% chance to inflict 1.2x its magic damage
  4. Enchanter:10% chance of recovering 10% HP when attacking
  5. Gurak Dagger: 5% chance dealing magical damage is 3x
  6. Magic Dagger10% chance to recover 25% of the damage taken
  7. Memento Dagger (Yurick only)
  8. North Wing: Magic damage increased to 1.6x and 20%+ casting speed
  9. Sorcerer: 30% chance to inflict 1.2x damage and 20%+ casting speed
  10. South Wing: At max SP, casting time is increased by 50%
  11. Wisdom Dagger:10% chance to receive no damage
  12. Witchcraft: SP accumulation 40% and 20%+ casting speed

Prize WeaponsEdit

  1. Claw Sword: 50% chance Gathering Burst recovers 100% health lost and P/M does 1.3x damage
  2. Coral:30% chance vertical slice inflicts paralyze and phys/mag deals 1.3x damage
  3. Dragoon: 50% chance Gathering Burst heals 25% of damage dealt to allies and P/M does 1.3x damage
  4. Eclipse: Slow Effect on Gathering increased by 5x and deals 1.3x damage
  5. Prophet: 15%+ chance slash inflicts instant death and P/M does 1.3x damage
  6. Rose: 50% chance Gathering burst does 10x damage and phys/mag does 1.3x damage
  7. Spirale: 50% chance Vertical Slide deals 2x damage and P/M does 1.3x damage
  8. Squishy Hammer: 10% chance recover 10% health and P/M does 1.3x damage
  9. Sunflower: 30% chance Gathering burst inflicts dizzy and P/M does 1.3x damage
  10. Trident: 50% chance Vertical Slide does 2x damage and P/M does 1.3x damage
  11. Zero Sword: 15% movement speed and P/M does 1.3x damage

Joke WeaponsEdit

  1. Axe: 1% chance inflicting Instant Death.
  2. Chair: 10% chance inflicting Silence.
  3. Frying Pan: 10% chance inflicting Charm.
  4. Hammer: 10% chance inflicting Silence.
  5. Hoe: 1% chance dealing Instant Death.
  6. Kitchen Knife: 5% chance receiving gold from 30% damage dealt.
  7. Ladle: 10% chance to receive gold from 30% of damage dealt to enemies.
  8. Lance: 10% chance inflicting Petrify.
  9. Leek: 10% chance inflicting Sticky.
  10. Pitchfork: 5% chance inflicting Paralyze.
  11. Wine Bottle: 10% chance inflicting Dizzy.
  12. Wood Club: 10% chance inflicting Dizzy.

Blunt SwordsEdit

  1. Blunt Copper Sword No attributes Sold for 2000G
  2. Blunt Silver Sword No attributes Sold for 5000G
  3. Blunt Gold Sword No attributes Sold for 8000G
  4. Blunt Diamond Sword No attributes Sold for 16000G
  5. Blunt Truth Sword No attributes Sold for 30000G


Bombs are cylindrical weapons used against certain bosses. They come in three types: Daze Bomb, Flare Bomb, and Heal Bomb. The Daze Bomb is green in color, Flare Bomb is orange, and Heal Bomb is white.

All of these are also found in both Co-op and Deathmatch of Multiplayer.


It's the only long-ranged weapon in the game, it uses arrows as ammunition, the only characters that can use it are Zael, Horace and Calista (just in Chapter 27), but several non-playable allies carry them as well. In Multiplayer Deathmatch, every character can use a type of crossbow.


Crossbows can be upgraded up to 5+ by using a common item called Sylph's Bowstring.

  • Deadly Crossbow: a crossbow which bestows death. 80% chance a headshot inflicts Death.
  • Fast Crossbow: a crossbow that excels at rapid-fire performance. 30% chance headshots deal 8x damage.
  • Sniper Crossbow: a crossbow suitable for sniping. 25% chance headshots deal 12x damage and headshot damage is 3x.
  • Standard Crossbow: default crossbow from the beginning. 10% chance of inflicting paralyze and 25% chance of dealing a 3x headshot.


Arrows can be used in the story and online. However, mages do not have arrow, but they do have something to shoot that corresponds to their element.

  • Arrows: Default Arrows (can be upgraded to 99+ damage).
  • Burst Arrows: Fire Element, destroys environmental objects and deals high damage to Wyms and archers.
  • Charm Arrow (Sidequest): Can make anybody fall in love with the user for a few minutes.
  • Fireworks: Distracts certain NPCs.
  • Paralysis Arrows: Paralyzes enemies.
  • Prank Bananas: Makes enemies and NPCs slip; useful in many situations...
  • Silver Arrow: Weakens and deals high damage to vampires; can be obtained in Chapter 20 and 36, can also be bought from Zoran later in the game.
  • Sleep Arrows (only in Chapter 27): Puts guards to sleep.
  • Wizard Slayer: Deals high damage to mages.
  • Annihilator Arrows (Online): deals Large Non-Elemental damage.
  • Elemental Arrows (Online): Only mages can use these. They correspond to their users' type of magic [for example: Calista shoots holy arrows].
  • Heal Arrow (Online): Heals 2000 health to allies.
  • Light Arrows (Online): Only Berith can shoot these. These arrows are red in color and explode on impact.
  • Thunder Arrows (Online): Only Zangurak and Zepha can shoot these. Deals lightning damage.